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170 Franklin St.

Stoneham, Mass  02180

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Hey, we’ve got hay!

Construction quality hay - $7.50 per bale

Feed quality (not for human consumption) hay - $12.00 per bale

Weiss Farm has been in the agriculture business for over 100 years - starting out as a small retail dairy farm in Chelsea (yes, Chelsea) in 1910 by Solomon Weiss and his son Samuel.  In 1928, the farm - its livestock, equipment and family - moved to the present location in Stoneham.  Samuel's six children (Abraham, Hyman, Sarah, Manuel, Philip and Carl) all grew up and worked on the farm.  Subsequently, Philip became the majority owner and along with his wife, Anne, and their four children continued the retail dairy business.  In 1970, the economics of door-to-door milk delivery forced a change in business to bulk milk sales to wholesalers.  A few years later, the 100 cows were replaced by boarding horses, and Phil's son Saul took over the business.

In the mid-1950's the easterly fields of the farm became flooded due to drainage problems caused by the reconstruction of Franklin Street.  The US Army Corps of Engineers designed and constructed drainage ditches around the periphery and in some of the grazing fields to alleviate the flooding problems.  The excavation left the farm with excess soil which Phil Weiss decided to sell.  Some of this soil was mucky and needed to be blended with lighter soil to produce a more acceptable product which homeowners could use for landscaping purposes.  This eventually expanded to the current business of landscaping products for the local homeowners and numerous professional landscapers.          

   Weiss Farm all natural honey - produced on premises by resident bees  

Small Bear Jar (cute) - still only $8.00

A true value at - $12.00 Medium Jar or $17.00 Large Jar

A Message of Thanks




Since 1928, Weiss Farm has operated as a small family business in our Stoneham location.  First as a dairy farm and the last four decades as a supplier of landscape materials to wholesale and retail customers.  However, this year we have decided to close our doors permanently.  We wish to thank all our loyal customers for putting their trust in us to provide quality products and prompt service


The Weiss Family

Honey and Hay are still available - Call Ahead

Dr. Dirt