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Dr. Dirt’s Handy Yard Calculator - Enter: Length (in feet), Width (in feet) and Depth (in inches), then hit the CALCULATE Button

Length                  Width                  Depth

              (feet)                      (feet)                     (inches)                                                      YARDS

Multiply the length (feet) times the width (feet) times the depth (inches) and divide by 324 to give you the total (in this case he needs a little over 18½ Yards).  Or, use Dr. Dirt's calculator above.

What is this stuff ?      

Miltie Pack - 3/4" stones and stone dust which can be used as a base for driveways.  You don't have to live in Milton to buy this product.

Stone Dust - Fine stones (not gem quality).

Washed Sand - Sifted sand with no stones - typically used for patio block or pool base.

Sand Fill - Coarse sand with stones.

Rough Fill - Dirt and rocks as large as 12" diameter - good for filling areas at least 3 feet deep.

Playground Mulch - Certified and approved wood chips for use in a playground environment.  This provides a relatively soft surface when cherubs fall of their playground equipment.  No guarantees, but it's better than landing on concrete.

Aged Dark Mulch - Shredded bark which has been all naturally aged for ages - not dyed (it’s a dark chocolate brown color.  Really good stuff.

Hemlock - Mulch made from pure hemlock trees.

Compost - Grass & leaves aged for over 18 months at our own on-site licensed (Mass. Department of Agriculture) compost facility.

Unscreened Loam - Loam with stones as large as 4" in diameter.

Screened Loam - Loam which passes through ½" - ¾" mesh screens.

50/50 Mix - 50% screened loam and 50% screened compost.  This product is ready to use for lawns and gardens - provides nice clean dirt and good organic nutrients to get you going.

Enhanced Mulch - Bark mulch dyed orange - provides colorful base to plantings.

Brown Mulch - An economic blend of the finest softwoods (spruce & pine).

How much is a Yard?

A Yard is the volume of a box equal to 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet; also equal to 27 cubic feet.

Premium Blend - A pleasing blend of hemlock, pine, spruce and fir at a more economical price.

Washed 3/4" Stone - Nominally 3/4” stone pieces whose edges have been smoothed.

Crushed 3/4" Stone - Nominally 3/4” stone pieces whose edges have not been smoothed; edges are sharper and rough than the washed stone.

Ask Dr. Dirt

A homeowner has a 30' x 50' lawn he wants to cover with 4" of screened loam.  How many Yards does he need?