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Weiss Farm, Inc.
A family business since 1910, and at our same Stoneham location since 1928
Landscaping Products
All of Our Products Are 100% American Made
Weiss Farm Landscaping Products - Picked up or Delivered Screened Loam - Delivered Direct Stone Products Dr. Dirt Map

                      2016 Retail Price List                       

Material Picked up at Weiss Farm



Playground Mulch

Premium Red Hemlock



Premium Blend (hemlock, spruce,

      fir pine mixture)!

Premium Red Hemlock


Enhanced Mulch (tinted)


Brown Mulch (spruce & pine mix)


Aged Dark Mulch (natural)


Screened Loam (1/2" - 3/4")


50/50 Loam/Compost Mix


Unscreened Loam


Rough Fill


Natural Compost


Sand Fill



Washed Sand

Hay - Feed Quality

Hay - Construction quality


* All prices + tax

All prices subject to change due to energy costs and market increases

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